Escape to the Shadows

Loose Ends Part 2
Blood and bone
  • They headed down into the water treatment plant planning to confront Urmann and his ghouls. When they found the ghouls huddling and running for their lives, the demanded to talk to Urmann. He explained that the Johnson who gave them the run was actually working for Aztechnology. That they planned on weaponizing the virus to use against civilian populations. Furthermore, he explained that Lester Holtz intended on using it to research a biological weapon to be used against HMHVV infected people.
  • Yatsuko Hatori is a ghoul! Whether he will awake to a sentient unlife or a feral existence is unknown, but the team rushed to the clinic to secure him and notify Katsuki Watanabe.
  • After delivering a false sample to the dead-drop, and advising Urmann to take out the team’s mage, the crew went after Mr. Johnson, who was holed up at Calamity’s waiting for word on the drop. Noticing a familiar picture in the background, the team rushed to the office and after a brief battle, killed Mr Johnson and rescued Calamity.
Loose Ends
Never cross your Johnson
  • Sharon and Jason are gone. Sharon is pinging from Cougar Mountain Health Center, and Jason appears to be at home.
    • Tiny forged a release order from Sharon’s doctor in order to sneak her out of the facility.
  • In a bid to save Yatsuko Hatori, Hacksaw is tracking down a organ cloning facility. 1
    • Hacksaw met with a organ cloner known as Dr. Rechni. Apparently the cost for cloning was too high, so they negotiated to have Tamanous acquire an organ for them.
  • Tiny and Hacksaw met with Summers, and accepted his ultimatum.

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