Dean "Jack" Hochman

The Face






Thomas Schultz: 4/3
Calamity (fixer): 4/2
Dr. Davis (family practitioner): 3/1
Mr. Li (tailor): 1/1
Jake Samson (weapons dealer): 3/2 – Hates Gvt. Mr Joshua…


German, Elf, face. Formerly of S-K. Burned and expelled from corp, not sure why.

Unable to find a corporation to take him on. Turns to a few shady contacts to help him make enough money to support his wife and kids in their high lifestyle.

Where is he from: Germany; Essen; on a SK in a corporate enclave;

Family: Human parents, accepted his elfiness well, but they suffered in the corp. Older Sister, human; Works for SK, lower ranking in company than Dean.

Wife – Fay Hochman – Elf, Married 8 Years; younger by a couple of years, works for SK, in Security; equal in rank. Tries to keep high lifestyle for the sake of the wife. She believes he works for another corp. Says he works for Ares.

Looks: Athletic: played soccer, slick, high fashion clothing. Takes his suit on the run if not in disguise.

Skills: Trained in firearms by SK for taking a corp security management position, took the softy bootcamp VERY seriously, and continued to take shooting up competitively. Participates in an outdoorsman club, hunting etc. amateur locksmith. All influence skills learned through management position.

Lives now in: Seattle, Bellevue in a house with Wife. Keeping up with the Jones’.

Friends: Weapons dealer: German Ex-Pat, NRA supporter, owns a weapon shop downtown:

Fixer: Drinking buddy from back in Germany runs a bar in Touristville that caters to a lot of shadowy types.
Doctor: GP – Family doctor.
Tailor: Specializes in electronic clothing lines and modifications.

Enemies: SK executive who threatened to frame him for selling corporate secrets. Told his wife he was going to open a bar with “fixer”.

Likes: High society (the finer things) (at ends with the bar theme),

Dislikes: Dislikes Orks (poor workers, brutish),

Moral Code: Against wetwork;

Goals: Used to be starting a family; now hold onto what he has. Tryout shadowrunning.

Beliefs: Appearance is everything, SK is the best corp (hard to shake off the propaganda). A republican. Elven superiority.

Why does he run the shadows: to hide his shame from his wife, it’s an adventure (he’s a thrill seeker).

He feels cocky about his successful runs, and is excited by the thrill of it all.

Dean "Jack" Hochman

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