The Street Doc


Katsuki Watanabe (yak Underboss) 1/5
Xiahau Ting (Triad Soldier) 1/1
Vinnie Scoletti (Mafia Soldier) 1/1
Mojo “Joe” (Organlegger) 1/1 – Resembles homeless man. Ex-Vet. Crazy Old Man. (Al Pacino)


Dad: Sammy Scarpesi
Mom: Susan
Ex-Wife: Gwen
Daugter: Amilia (13)

Where from: Seattle, from lower class area, family was poor.

Family: Daughter Amilia (13 y/o who runs away to find dad once in a while), Wife Gwen (Elf living in Portland); Dad died of stroke, Hacksaw pulled the plug after 2 weeks on the machine, mom lives in Portland. Only child.

Ethnic background: Italian American

Appearance: Two different styles: his doctoring clothes and his going out clothes; dirty and fairly unconcerned with his clothing. Wears a homemade headband.

Phys Quirks: Twitchy, nervous energy.

Active skills: Dad taught him how to shoot (dad mighta done some shadowy shit, taught him some street skills); Sharon Cassidy turned him on to a medical scholarship, finished med school and opened a clinic;

Knowledge Skills; Learned mostly from dealing with his clientele.

Lives a fairly spartan life. Inherited handguns from papa.

Enemies: Gwen’s extended family (not out for blood, but maybe wants him to fail bad).

Magic: Happened around 14 y/o (makes him worry about his daughter), first spell was Mindlink to a classmate; grew up with a fear of magic users; he avoids using magic. During med school, he learned healing spells.

Likes and Dislikes: Likes elves, Dislikes bullies, but is often a bully himself.

Moral Code: Will threaten to withhold treatment, but never will.

Goals: Used to want to practice medicine somewhere prestigious. Wants to get daughter back, but feels unprepared to do so.

Personal opinions: Corps frustrate him, because they capitalize on medical care.

Personality Quirks: a little arrogant, expressive, tries to keep to himself.

Why run the shadows: Sees it as an opportunity to escape into a chance to reunite with his daughter.

Role as a shadowrunner: Providing help to those who need it.


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