Steelix "Lixie"

The Runaway


Vat grown magical experiment! 12 year old girl who escaped the lab with the help of a disillusioned nurse.


Where from: The vat

Family: NOPE just the nurse and her son. Doesn’t know other test subjects exist.

Ethnicity: Looks caucasian: Brunette, long, curly hair.

Looks: old crusty biomonitor on wrist, otherwise a normal girl of twelve. Gold ring around her iris. Dresses however the nurse tells her to dress.

Quirks: Stress tick: She casts Phantasm and creates Daisies

Lives now: In little Laos with Hacksaw.

Enemies: A mega corp that wants her BACK!!!

Likes: Daisies, The Nurse and her son,

Dislikes: Large crowds,

Moral code: Hard time overcoming a first impression. Avoid causing harm to others, except in self defense.

Goals: Control magic, explore her personal boundaries magically. Keep under radar. Keep Sharon alive/out of harm.

Beliefs: Loves spirits, makes friends with them; wary of magic and her own power;

She is impossible to ignore as a weapon, and imposes herself on the team, making herself very useful. The nurse eventually gets out voted.

Quirks: Antisocial, paranoid of authority figures.

Running the shadows: This is reality. This is how the rest of the world works.

Steelix "Lixie"

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