A former ganger, turned decker.


Grognack (bouncer at UV) 1/2

Shelly McMann (Waitress) 2/1 – Troll lover!


From: Australia; Brisbane; Not the nicest (low end of middle neighborhood) recently moved to US, working as a bouncer.

Family: Couple of brothers of sisters, parents killed in gang fight; Siblings still in Australia; Occasional contact with them; Tells them he bounces.

Ethnic Background: Trolly

Looks like: Not that physically huge for a Troll, Cyber-eyes, wears nosepiece glasses, and a black trench coat.

Dresses like: Metal Band shirts and jeans .

Phys Quirks: Itches from bone plating

Active skills: Born into gang life, and self taught how to hack.

Knowledge Skills: Learned all about cyberware from constantly browsing cyberware.

Where did he get his gear: Given to him by the boss of the gang for job well done; Took a bullet for the boss;

Where does he live now: Lives in a shitty appt in Little Laos

Enemies: The hacker that fucked him up. Member of an opposing gang. Tore him apart and left for dead.

Likes and Dislikes: Love tech, enhancements, Dislikes anyone who makes fun of trolls, and fears hackers.

Moral Code: Won’t hurt children

Goals: Be a better hacker than the guy that tore him down and out-hack him, and keep collecting gadgets. Prove to himself and family that a troll doesn’t have to be a brute.

Personal Beliefs: Americans drive on the wrong side of the road.

Personality quirks: Really too excited to demonstrate hacking ability.

Why run the shadows: to get more experience hacking, cant work a legit job (so he believes).

How does he feel about being a shadowrunner: A bit resentful of not having had a choice. Wishes he couldve had more legit life. But he enjoys it, for the most part.

Grew up being used as muscle for various Troll organizations,


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